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Video Conferencing Featured Articles

  • UnitedHealthcare Champions Telehealth with New Coverage Options
    The idea of being able to assess patients' health and even provide treatments using video-based communications is more than novel: it's humanitarian. The U.S. is tens of thousands of primary care physicians short of what is needed to cover medically underserved areas, despite incentive programs, such as student loan forgiveness for recent med school graduates who agree to work in these underserved communities. A better solution is to have a system in place that allows health professionals to treat patients and prescribe medications from anywhere in the country. This is exactly what telehealth solutions achieve.
  • Polycom Offering Two New Videoconferencing Solutions
    The RealPresence series is now on the market with the goal of disrupting the rest of the industry with its quality and device selection. There are options for audio and video as well as collaborative tools that can make even a one-man demonstration inherit tools previously only available to large enterprises. It will attempt to make meetings easier without taking away any modern features businesses could want in a conferencing setup.

Unified Communications Featured Articles

  • Revolve Robotics Leverages SDK and API to Integrate with swyMed Platform
    Revolve Robotics announced recently that its Kubi robotic platform had been seamlessly integrated with the swyMed telemedicine video communications client. The result is a solution that facilitates video collaboration with remote medical experts while still complying with HIPAA regulations.
  • Glowpoint Creates a Video Collaboration Ecosystem With Collaborators
    In the past, video conferencing technology was reserved for large enterprises that could afford the expensive hardware and the infrastructure needed to deliver the service. However, today anyone with a quality smartphone can, with the right application and service provider, be part of a videoconference from participants around the world. With smart mobile devices, wireless broadband and cloud services now available almost everywhere, video is becoming more pervasive. The ease in which the technology can be applied has resulted in workers demanding video collaboration as one of the tools available to them, and companies are obliging.
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A Primer on Federated Communications

Vishal Brown, Vice President of Professional Services, Yorktel
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