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  • Videoconferencing Preferred by 60 Percent of Companies Over Face-to-Face Meetings
    Globalization has dispersed the workforces of many organizations to countries around the world. With companies establishing branches throughout developed and developing countries, traditional face-to-face meetings are no longer feasible for the vast majority of businesses. A YouGov survey carried out on behalf of RingCentral UK has revealed just as much, with 60 percent of companies surveyed stating that they preferred videoconferencing over face-to-face meetings.

  • VIVOTEK Widens Video Applications Beyond Surveillance with Content Analysis
    Video camera manufacturer VIVOTEK has announced its first video content analysis (VCA) application package, which includes three key functions: field detection, line crossing detection and object counting. While VIVOTEK has always played in the security monitoring space, the new capabilities allow it to tap business applications, like customer experience monitoring in retail applications, the ability to adjust staffing levels in warehouses, or the ability to determine sales conversion rates, among many other possibilities.

  • Remote Nebraska Grade Students Attend Virtual Classes
    Advances in video conferencing are not simply the purview of global corporations. Students in classrooms within and surrounding Lincoln, Neb., are finding out the power of video communications through two-way equipment that allows them to take classes their local schools do not offer.

  • New Guidelines for Telemedicine
    Telemedicine is catching up in a big way worldwide because of the convenience and flexibility that comes with it. It helps patients and healthcare providers to cut across geographical barriers through the use of technology. However, this prevalence of telemedicine has also given room for ambiguities in what really constitutes telemedicine, the costs and reimbursements associated with it, and licenses needed to provide consultation. Moreover, many states are clueless about how to handle this growing mode of delivery.

Video Conferencing Featured Articles

  • Advances in Managed Video and Cloud Services Benefit Telemedicine
    When it comes to managed video and cloud services, the telemedicine space is really heating up. Advances in networking, connectivity and video codec technology have all led to increased uptake of services within the space.

  • Best Practices in Video are Ideal for Delivering Enterprise Content
    The massive glut of multimedia technologies and content available today has created a challenge within enterprise communications. While there is certainly major potential when it comes to reaching a large audience with your message, choosing the correct medium to deliver your content is key. Video conferencing, streaming media and webcasts all offer unique benefits and advantages, but matching the delivery mechanism to content is absolutely essential to providing the best user experience for your audience.

  • New Report Examines Market for Enterprise Video
    The field of enterprise video offerings is wildly diverse. Between options for video conferencing and similar communications tools, tools for disseminating knowledge within a company like training tools and the like, and tools for delivering information to customers and similar outside users, the market has plenty to its overall makeup. A new report from, meanwhile, examines this market in greater depth and points out some exciting new possibilities afoot in the field.

Unified Communications Featured Articles

  • Yorktel Welcomes Two Telehealth Experts
    Yorktel is expanding its focus from being a video managed service provider to address unified communications at large. In yet another move to drive that strategy forward, and respond to growing demand for telehealth and telemedicine, Yorktel has made two important new hires.

  • Unified Communications Will Only Get Better with Collaboration
    With the rather robust growth of UC technology, there are more than a few companies taking a deeper look at the tech. A new report by InformationWeek got involved by contacting a number of CIOs in the industry to get a sense of how they are using UC technology in order to support and build a culture of collaboration. The study also asked these executives about the strengths and pitfalls of the technology.

  • Research Company Makes New Analysis of Enterprise Video Market
    With the abundance of bandwidth that many countries around the world have, we're all looking for better ways to communicate that we may have not have been able to afford in the past.

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