Video Managed Services Featured Articles

Video Conferencing Featured Articles

  • Cross-Border Custody Disputes in Japan Get Some Help with Video Conferencing Systems
    Ah, video conferencing; is there anything you can't do? Offering savings on business travel, keeping employees connected with little regard to physical location . . . you've been a big part of business for some time now. And now, you're even off helping parents in custody disputes in Japan.
  • BCS Global Networks Receives Updated Certification
    Since 2012, BCS held certification for the previous version, ISO/IEC 27001:2005, but seeing as the renewal period is only three years, it was time for a change. Clive Sawkins, the CEO of BCS, commented on this news -- calling it a "milestone" and marking the importance of this event to both its customers and suppliers.

Unified Communications Featured Articles

  • The New Wave of Work: How Businesses are Sharing Information
    Telephone conferencing and the careful management of physical files and resources were at one time the best methods available of sharing and communicating within a business. Those methods are becoming more and more irrelevant. Business needs are being addressed with technological renovation, allowing for the faster exchange of information and optimized organization. Businesses that don't capitalize on the new wave of information technology suffer, losing crucial time and opportunities.
  • TeamLogic IT Franchises Go with Unified Office Total Connect Now
    Unified Office has announced that several TeamLogic IT franchises have chosen its Total Connect Now service for voice communication.
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Featured Whitepapers

Telehealth: The Top 3 Obstacles Facing Clinicians Today

Effective telemedicine solutions must be reliable, secure, and deliver a user-friendly experience.
Shortages of healthcare specialists in rural areas, combined with advances in video communications technology, are driving telemedicine adoption to new heights, according to a report from Research and Markets.

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Save Money, Leverage Time: Return on Engagement Using Collaboration

Ron Gaboury, CEO, Yorktel
We have become a society where information is received multiple ways at the same time. News media simultaneously has "talking heads", visual data, and graphics at the bottom of the screen. Smart televisions now support on-screen Twitter and Facebook feeds.

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3 Things You Need to Know About WebRTC

Vishal Brown, Vice President of Professional Services, Yorktel
Bin Guan, Chief Technology Officer, Yorktel The video communications industry is on the verge of a major shakeup. Understanding WebRTC (real-time communication) is essential to understanding how this trend will affect your organization.

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A Primer on Federated Communications

Vishal Brown, Vice President of Professional Services, Yorktel
Enterprises are increasingly viewing federated communication as a strategic business decision, providing business benefits such as the ability to securely communicate with parties outside of their enterprise, achieving increased productivity and collaboration, customer satisfaction, and others.

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