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  • New Guidelines for Telemedicine
    Telemedicine is catching up in a big way worldwide because of the convenience and flexibility that comes with it. It helps patients and healthcare providers to cut across geographical barriers through the use of technology. However, this prevalence of telemedicine has also given room for ambiguities in what really constitutes telemedicine, the costs and reimbursements associated with it, and licenses needed to provide consultation. Moreover, many states are clueless about how to handle this growing mode of delivery.

  • The Push for a More Collaborative Federal Workforce Creates Opportunities for Managed Video and UC Solutions
    Last month, the federal Office of Personnel management announced a new collaborative approach to bringing what has traditionally been a disparate workforce together. Central to the plan is fostering better communications and collaboration among federal departments and workers, in other words, a perfect opportunity for creative unified communications and video solutions as well as big data analytics.

  • Companies Can Reap the Benefits of Video but Avoid the Headaches with Managed Video Services
    We no longer work in a business environment that is dominated by face-to-face meetings. While the conference room meeting is not dead yet (although for many workers, its death can't come fast enough), it's technology that's increasingly facilitating collaboration in the workplace. There are many reasons for this: geographic distribution of company employees all over the country or the world, an increasing number of home-based employees or those traveling using mobile devices to communicate, and limitations in travel budgets by companies looking to cut costs.

  • Wheelings & Dealings: Facebook Acquires LiveRail
    Facebook has been on an acquisition spree over the last couple of years to widen its reach, and to find more sources of revenue. It is estimated that this company has acquired more than 45 companies worldwide, and it has cost the company more than $22 billion.

Video Conferencing Featured Articles

  • Cruise Line Adds Advanced Pediatric Telemedicine to All Voyages
    A parents job is to keep their children safe and healthy. While sickness and injury are sometimes unavoidable, as parents it is our responsibility to minimize these injuries so children have long and happy lives.

  • Five Reasons HR is Embracing Video
    There's a video revolution, and human resource departments are embracing the trend.

  • How to Take Complexity Out of Video and UC Deployments
    Video is gaining a lot of attention in the enterprise today. Executives want to use it to collaborate, marketing wants to use it to promote and customers would like to use it to communicate in real-time. Finding the right partner to make all of this happen on a single platform and within budget has traditionally been a challenge. Today, video managed services offers a powerful alternative.

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3 Things You Need to Know About WebRTC

Vishal Brown, Vice President of Professional Services, Yorktel
Bin Guan, Chief Technology Officer, Yorktel The video communications industry is on the verge of a major shakeup. Understanding WebRTC (real-time communication) is essential to understanding how this trend will affect your organization.

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A Primer on Federated Communications

Vishal Brown, Vice President of Professional Services, Yorktel
Enterprises are increasingly viewing federated communication as a strategic business decision, providing business benefits such as the ability to securely communicate with parties outside of their enterprise, achieving increased productivity and collaboration, customer satisfaction, and others.

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