Video Managed Services Featured Articles

  • Yorktel Looks to Future with New Services and Expanded Focus
    Yorktel has been in the technology sector for three decades, having built a strong enough reputation for delivering reliable managed services, cloud solutions and enterprise video communications that it works closely with several government agencies as well as a number of Fortune 500 enterprises.

  • Glowpoint Launches Video Service Platform
    Glowpoint, a developer of its own cloud-based project management software, recently announced the launch of its Video Service Platform for midsize and large enterprises.

  • Yorktel Takes New Prominence in Cloud and Managed Services with ISO 27001 Certification
    Certifications provide a valuable service for users and for vendors alike. Being able to note that a product or a company has been certified somehow-particularly in the case of an International Organization of Standardization (ISO) certification-notes that that product or company has achieved certain benchmarks in terms of quality and operations, points that are often valuable when it comes to making decisions about a firm to work with. Yorktel, meanwhile, has recently landed a certification of its own in the ISO 27001 designation, further illustrating why it's a major force in the field of unified communications and collaboration (UC&C).

  • Managed Video Services Gain Momentum
    The growth of video solutions in the enterprise continues apace, aided by the availability of managed services like Yorktel's, as well as the continued adoption of and integration with hosted solutions lie Microsoft Lync.

Video Conferencing Featured Articles

  • Yorktel Takes Frost & Sullivan Honors for Video Communications Systems
    Managed video services is a huge market, featuring both large numbers of competitors in the field and likewise large numbers of users ready to bring such services into play. Having the best products in the field, therefore, can help fuel major expansion efforts, and in turn, help a company gain a significant foothold even in a market that's saturated with competitors. That's why Yorktel recently got a slice of very good news, taking home top honors from Frost & Sullivan in its annual Best Practices Award listings.

  • A Crowded Video Conferencing Market Makes Corporate Decisions Tough
    A glut in the North American video conferencing services market is making it harder for enterprises to evaluate their options effectively, according to Frost & Sullivan.

  • Video Conferencing Gets Cloudy, Mobile and Personal
    The rise of hosted video conferencing is tied to ease of use and reducing the cost of deployment-and as a consequence, demand for on-premises video conferencing systems is declining. In fact, just 44 percent of respondents to a recent survey reported a willingness to own an in-house video conferencing system, compared to 49 percent in 2013, and 70 percent in 2012.

Unified Communications Featured Articles

  • Unified Communications Have Unexpected Impact with SMB Market
    The small and medium-sized business (SMB) market has, in the past, been regarded as several things. It's been a source of opportunity, a source of strife, a jobs creator and a market opportunity unparalleled in modern times. But SMBs aren't just valuable for what can be offered by same, but also for what said markets have to teach the rest of us. A new study considers the kind of value that SMBs are offering when it comes to the unified communications (UC) market, and it's a kind of value that needs to be considered.

  • Orange Deploys Managed Video Conferencing with Lync Online for Hilti Group
    In a new managed video conferencing service agreement, Orange Business Services is providing solutions for Hilti Group's globally distributed teams. The company, which specializes in fastening and demolition technologies for the construction industry, has around 22,000 employees in more than 120 countries.

  • Ubiquitous Video Will Mark UC Deployments in 2015
    After years of ramping interest in unified communications, the market for UC solutions and services is undergoing a transformation-with video a major driver as visual conferencing becomes ubiquitous.

  • UC Key for Developing Office of the Future
    Advances in information and communications technology has changed the way we live our lives and how businesses operate. This has allowed individuals and organizations to grow by gaining better understanding of the environment in which they operate. Although for the most part technology is readily available, the adoption rate of ICT varies greatly across countries, groups and companies, giving a clear advantage to early adopters.

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