Video Managed Services Featured Articles

  • Yorktel Marks 30 Years, Sets Sights on Finance and Telehealth
    Video managed services provider Yorktel is marking its 30th anniversary this year-and is looking to fresh growth targets as it heads further into the cloud service era, especially in healthcare and financial services.

  • 30 Years of Yorktel Comes With Record Growth Year
    An anniversary is an important time for many people. Whether it's work, a relationship, or just the commemoration of some big event, it's a time to remember where the celebrator came from, or what has happened since getting started. Yorktel recently celebrated its own 30th anniversary, and had a great reason to celebrate: not just longevity, but also a year of record growth.

  • Yorktel Streamlines Health System's Communications Strategy with Video Managed Services
    Today's corporate environment is one that typically consists of multiple locations, varying employee totals, professionals relying on mobile technology and remote workers. While the traditional model still exists with everyone in one place at one time, even leaders in such operations often need to collaborate with individuals outside their walls. For many, this collaboration comes together with the help of video managed services.

  • Pindrop Security Growing in Call Fraud Market
    A recent industry report identifies Pindrop Security, a startup that is based in Atlanta, as one of the prominent up-and-coming businesses in the necessary and sometimes frightening market of call center fraud protection. Having previously only worked throughout the U.S., it recently received $35 million in Series B financing that will help it expand operations globally.

Video Conferencing Featured Articles

  • Securus Technologies Uses Video for Safer Prison Visits
    The current process for allowing prison inmates to visit with people on the outside might best be described as "cumbersome." Requiring multiple officers to carry out, this process depends on a lot of physical handing off and visual confirmation to carry on. The value of prison visitation, meanwhile, is huge; it's been shown to have a clear impact on recidivism rates and the quality of re-entry into society. So that's where Securus Technologies may have a better answer in video visitation.

  • Pexip Partners With Carousel Industries to Deliver Enhanced Video for the Enterprise
    Collaboration technology is introducing more efficiencies for enterprises by allowing employees to work from anywhere. While in the past the collaborative process was mainly designed to improve internal operations, today the available technology can drive external business value by giving customers, partners and vendors more visibility. Bringing all these resources together requires a platform that simplifies the way everyone comes together without having to worry about technical issues. Pexip and Carousel Industries have formed a new partnership to make this possible with the launch of the new Simplicity Video offer.

  • Video Conferencing Continues To Be the Meeting Solution Of Choice For 2015
    One big byproduct of this kind of globalization is that there are more meetings than ever to attend and not enough time to attend them all. Getting on a plane every day isn't effective time- wise and it's certainly not effective from a money perspective. This is why video conferencing is exploding all over the world.

Unified Communications Featured Articles

  • Glowpoint Creates a Video Collaboration Ecosystem With Collaborators
    In the past, video conferencing technology was reserved for large enterprises that could afford the expensive hardware and the infrastructure needed to deliver the service. However, today anyone with a quality smartphone can, with the right application and service provider, be part of a videoconference from participants around the world. With smart mobile devices, wireless broadband and cloud services now available almost everywhere, video is becoming more pervasive. The ease in which the technology can be applied has resulted in workers demanding video collaboration as one of the tools available to them, and companies are obliging.

  • Altura Rolls Out New Cloud-Based Managed Monitoring for UC Systems
    A new suite of cloud-based services designed to optimize unified communications (UC) systems has been launched by Altura Communication Solutions. The new Altura Sentinel Edge Cloud managed offering provides hosted, proactive system monitoring to give customers real-time insight into the performance of their telephony, UC and contact center platforms.

  • Market Agility and Compliance Certifications Keep Yorktel on Top
    Yorktel has had a strong start to the year, including everything from awards to new certifications for its innovative cloud management services. Just last month, the company earned recognition as a leader in the product line strategy space by Frost & Sullivan, giving the company kudos for its high level of agility-being flexible enough to accommodate most market changes without a breakdown in service to its customers.

  • Unified Communications Have Unexpected Impact with SMB Market
    The small and medium-sized business (SMB) market has, in the past, been regarded as several things. It's been a source of opportunity, a source of strife, a jobs creator and a market opportunity unparalleled in modern times. But SMBs aren't just valuable for what can be offered by same, but also for what said markets have to teach the rest of us. A new study considers the kind of value that SMBs are offering when it comes to the unified communications (UC) market, and it's a kind of value that needs to be considered.

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